Thelonious Monk, « Little Rootie Tootie »

Little Rootie Tootie est une composition du pianiste et compositeur de jazz Thelonious Monk. Téléchargez la partition « lead sheet » au format PDF.

« A version of the melody was first copyrighted as « The Pump » in 1944 but was not recorded until October 15, 1952 (Prestige PRLP 7027). By this time, Monk had revised and renamed « Little Rootie Tootie » in tribute to his son, Thelonious, Jr., who was two years old at the time. He earned the nicknmame « Toot » after Little the Tugboat » from a favorite Walt Disney cartoon based on children book of the same name; young Thelonious learned to whistle like « Little Toot » before he learned to talk.  The song has also been associated with the sound of the railroad, a common motif in blues an jazz since the early part of the century. »

I found a lot of writings about this particular composition on the web :

Little Rootie Tootie by Thelonious Monk on 'Thelonious Monk Trio'
Thelonious Monk Trio (Prestige, 1954)

Little Rootie Tootie Thelonious Monk PDF download lead sheet partition

Little Rootie Tootie by Thelonious Monk from 'At Town Hall'
Thelonious Monk « At Town Hall » (Riverside, 1959)

Dizzy Gillespie "Little Rootie Tootie" (T.Monk)
T.S. Monk Orchestra, featuring Dizzy Gillespie

Little Rootie Tootie
Chick Corea · Miroslav Vitous · Roy Haynes Trio Music ℗ 1981 ECM

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