Antonio Carlos Jobim, “Luiza”

Luiza is a composition written by brazilian multi-instrumentist and composer Antonio-Carlos Jobim.

This beautiful Jobim’s is written in an unusual 3/4 meter (though the melody sounds great and is often played “freely”).  

You may notice two endings on this chart. The original one (last system), and a four bars “vamp”, which is nice to blow over and use in between forms.

Some of the melody notes may not be played twice on instrumental versions (lyrics).

Antonio Carlos Jobim “Luiza”
from the DVD “Ela É Carioca”

Luiza – Lyrics

Luiza Jobim Lyrics

Luiza – Lead Sheet

Luiza-Jobim - C lead sheet instruments
Tom Jobim “LUIZA” – Lead Sheet 
(Scroll down to download the PDF file)

Luiza – Cover versions

Peter Bernstein “Stangers in paradise
w/ Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier & Bill Stewart

(2004 Venus Records)

Fred Hersch “Plays Jobim” – solo piano
(Sunnyside Communications, Released in 2009)

Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart “Ramshackle Serenade”
(2014, Pirouet Records)

Aaron Golberg Trio
also recorded on the album “Home
(W. Reuben Rogers & Eric Harland)

Shai Maestro “The Stone Skipper”
(Sound Surveyor Music Released, 2016)

BONNE ÉCOUTE & BON JEU ! ____________________ENJOY & HAVE FUN !

First Published in 2012, revised in april 2020 --------Article publié en 2012, révisé en avril 2020.

Download LUIZA (A.C JOBIM) – PDF lead sheet

Composition et standards - Luiza-Jobim - C instruments.pdf


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