Thelonious Monk, « Off Minor » (a.k.a What Now)

Off Minor est une composition du pianiste et compositeur de jazz Thelonious Monk. Téléchargez la partition « lead sheet » au format PDF.

thelonious monk biography

« Off Minor » was actually  debuted in january of 1947 by Bud Powell, not by Monk who first recorded it in October of 1947. Also, Dizzy Gillespie‘s big band had intended on using it in their book. It stands among Monk’s more frequently recorded tunes. It is so named probably because it is written in G minor but never resolves on the tonic.  

Off Minor (take 4) by Thelonious Monk from 'Monk's Music'
Thelonious Monk « Monk’s Music » (1958, Riverside)

Off Minor Thelonious Monk PDF download lead sheet partition
Off Minor, Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk "Off Minor" 1963
Thelonious Monk Quartet (Live, 1963)

Bud Powell « A Portrait of Thelonious » (Sony, 1965)

Cedar Walton « First Set » (SteepleChase, 1987)

Bill Carrothers Trio, « Home Row » (Pirouet Records, 2008)

Standards With Friends #20 // Off Minor With Miles Okazaki & Ben Wendel
Miles Okazaki & Ben Wendel (2019)

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