Antonio Carlos Jobim, “Wave”

Wave is a composition written by brazilian multi-instrumentist and composer Antonio-Carlos Jobim.

Antonio Carlos Jobim “Wave”
(1967, A&M)

Wave – Lead Sheet

A.C Jobim Wave – Lead Sheet
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The rhythm in bars 14-16 is transcribed from Antonio Carlos’ Jobim’s version from the album “Wave”. The melody is played with a very “laid back” feel.

Wave – Analysis

Stan Getz Performs Wave – Copenhagen 1970s

In this version Stan Getz‘s rhythm section plays the ” Ugestsu / Fantasy in D ” intro: Dmaj7/ A & E-7/ A.

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First Published in 2012, revised in april 2020 --------Article publié en 2013, révisé en avril 2020.

Download WAVE (A.C Jobim) – PDF lead sheet

Compositions & standards - Wave-jobim - C instruments.pdf


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