Bud Powell, “Celia”

Celia is a nice “be-bop” tune written by great jazz pianist Bud Powell in dedication to his daughter.

Bud Powell, “Jazz Giant” (1950)

Celia – Lead Sheet

Celia Bud Powell Lead Sheet
Scroll down to download the pdf file.

I also wrote down Bud Powell’s solo break, which should be learned in all 12 keys !

I didn’t wrote all the “embellishments” and “appoggiaturas” played by Bud Powell since it may change from a musician to another (the goal is to make our own versions or switching between these different options).


As usual, with “old” standards or jazz tunes, there are some question marks about few chords changes or notes :

  • Bar 5 : is seems that B.P himself sometimes plays Db-7, sometimes Db7 or G7alt.

  • Bridge : the D7 chord (V7 of G-) is sometimes played for two bars instead of the complete II / V.

Online ressources

Celia – Bud Powell Transcription

Celia – cover versions

Kenny Kirkland
(1991, The Verve)

Benny Green, “That’s Right”
(1993, Blue Note Records)

Chick Corea, “Remembering Bud Powell” – Piano Solo
(1997, Stretch Records)

Lage Lund “Early Songs”
(2009 Criss Cross)

BONNE ÉCOUTE & BON JEU ! ____________________ENJOY & HAVE FUN !

First Published in 2014, revised in april 2020 --------Article publié en 2014, révisé en avril 2020

Download CELIA (Bud Powell) – PDF lead sheet

Compositions & standards - Celia-Bud-Powell - C instruments.pdf


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