Bud Powell, « Celia »

Celia is a nice « be-bop » tune written by great jazz pianist Bud Powell in dedication to his daughter.

Bud Powell Celia Jazz Giant 1950
Bud Powell, « Jazz Giant » (1950)

Bud Powell’s CELIA : Lead Sheet

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I also wrote down Bud Powell’s solo break, which should be learned in all 12 keys !

I didn’t wrote all the « embellishments » and « appoggiaturas » played by Bud Powell since it may change from a musician to another (the goal is to make our own versions or switching between these different options).

Download CELIA (Bud Powell) – PDF lead sheet

Compositions & standards - Celia-Bud-Powell - C instruments.pdf


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CELIA : Harmony

As usual, with « old » standards or jazz tunes, there are some question marks about few chords changes or notes :

  • Bar 5 : is seems that B.P himself sometimes plays Db-7, sometimes Db7 or G7alt.

  • Bridge : the D7 chord (V7 of G-) is sometimes played for two bars instead of the complete II / V.

BUD POWELL : Other ressources

Celia - Bud Powell Transcription
Celia – Bud Powell Transcription

CELIA – cover versions

Kenny Kirkland
(1991, The Verve)

Benny Green, « That’s Right »
(1993, Blue Note Records)

Chick Corea, « Remembering Bud Powell » – Piano Solo
(1997, Stretch Records)

Lage Lund « Early Songs »
(2009 Criss Cross)

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