Thelonious Monk, « We See » (a.k.a Manganese)

We See est une composition du pianiste et compositeur de jazz Thelonious Monk. Téléchargez la partition « lead sheet » au format PDF.

thelonious monk biography

 » First recorded in 1954, it was named for Monk’s niece « Weetee » but the title was lost in translation. It was mistitled « Manganese » when Monk recorded it in France in 1954. His producer, André Francis, came up with the title as a French-speaking pun on « Monk at Ease ». And, of course, it refers to the mineral. « 

Thelonious Monk « Monk » (Prestige, 1954) 

We See Monk PDF download lead sheet partition

2nd voices are mostly transcribed from the the album « Straight no chaser »
(Columbia, 1966)

Brad Mehldau Larry Grenadier Jeff Ballard - We See
Brad Mehldau Trio, Live 2008

Brad Mehldau & Peter Bernstein - We See
Brad Mehldau & Peter Bernstein Quartet Live

Fred Hersch - We see (Monk)
Fred Hersch Trio Live (Jazz à Ramatuelle, 2018)

Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - We See – Full
Matt Wilson’s Art & Crafts Live

We See (feat. Serge Lazarevitch)
A quartet version with my band « BOUNCE TRIO feat. Serge Lazarevitch

BONNE ÉCOUTE & BON JEU ! ____________________ENJOY & HAVE FUN !

Download WE SEE – PDF lead sheet

Thelonious Monk - We-See - C instruments.pdf


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