Thelonious Monk, « Work »

Work est une composition du pianiste et compositeur de jazz Thelonious Monk. Téléchargez la partition « lead sheet » au format PDF.

Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins (Fantasy, 1954)

Work Monk PDF download lead sheet partition

Joe Lovano « From The Soul » (Blue Note, 1992)

I love this upbeat and tricky tune, pretty hard work to transcribe.

(As there many different versions and interpretations, I tried to choose the most frequently used notes and phrasings).

Chris Potter - Works
Chris Potter Quartet Live at Blue Note (Milano, 2012)

Fred Hersch, Colin Stranahan Matt Penman (with will vinson)
Fred Hersch, Matt Penman, Colin Stranahan, Will Vinson
(Live at Smalls, 2011)

BONNE ÉCOUTE & BON JEU ! ____________________ENJOY & HAVE FUN !

Download WORK – PDF lead sheet

Thelonious Monk - Work-Monk - C instruments.pdf


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