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Larry Young composed Back Up for the album Into Somethin, his first album as leader released on Blue Note records in 1965.

Back Up (Remastered)

Back Up larry young Lead Sheet Download

Back Up is a F blues played at a medium swinging tempo. Larry Young wrote some original chord changes on bars 9-10 : Gb7 Ab7 / A7 B7.

These four dominant chords going up are not played during the solos on the original versions. This harmonic progression is interesting to use as alternate chords changes during solos.

BONNE ÉCOUTE & BON JEU ! ____________________ENJOY & HAVE FUN !

First Published in 2013, revised in april 2020 – ------Article publié en 2013, révisé en avril 2020

Download BACK UP (Larry Young) – PDF lead sheets (C+Bb)

Compositions & standards - Back-Up-larry-young-C-Bb.pdf


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